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The following agreement is done between You and 99Packersmovers, a packers and movers website, powered by Wismad Consulting Pvt. Ltd. You can avail the services offered by the website through multiple mediums like laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets, notepads email and through personal one-to-one communication etc. The user (YOU) are liable to follow and work within the framework of the Terms and Conditions laid down by 99Packersmovers.


99Packersmovers, as mentioned beforehand, is a packers and movers website which means that it introduces the user (YOU) to a wide range of packers and movers throughout Mumbai. The website may employ pictures, write-ups, texts, links, graphics, designs, advertisements, and other related subject matters on the website. All the information is FOR YOUR (THE USER'S) PERSONAL USE as an intended client. The information is NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY COMMERCIAL END.


The website has the exclusive right to change and vary its Criteria and Terms without any prior notice. You are responsible for staying aware and updated with all the conditions of the website. The Terms and Conditions become legitimate and operational as and when they are uploaded on the page of the website. The usage of the website after any alteration implies to your certain regard to it.

99Packersmovers provides numerous packers and movers to the users and prospective clients. Every plausible measure is taken to confirm the legitimacy of the packers and movers. It is to be made certain that 99Packersmovers is simply a link between the user (YOU) and the third party Service Provider (Packers and Movers). 99Packersmovers is not accountable for any vandalism, accident, loss, damage, theft, or any direct or secondary issue arising due to YOUR Service Provider in the progression of your service. The website is also not responsible for any virus infection on your device/devices.

The Contents, articles and blogs on 99Packersmovers are written with absolute authenticity and transparency, however, any similarity, excitement, confusion loss, or gain is not concerned with the website.

You are not authorized to copy or share the Articles, Pictures, Information, Contact Numbers, Addresses, or any other data present on our website for any intention whether private or for commercial, charitable or business purpose. All the matters available on our website are for personal and non-commercial uses ONLY. You are restrained from data scraping, data crawling, or data mining. You are not entitled to accumulate and list the data provided on our website as 99Packersmovers, itself, presents a list of considerable packers and movers. You are only permitted to choose a packers and movers according to your satisfaction from the list and avail the assistance. You cannot use the data of the website for any COMMERCIAL PRACTICE. All the trademarks, logos, rights, and licenses are owned by 99Packersmovers, WISMAD Pvt. Ltd., and the third party owners (Packers and Movers associated with 99Packersmovers).