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Transportation Service by Movers and Packers in Mumbai

With all your goals for a bright career and flourishing life clear in your head, you have now considered moving to Mumbai. The most daunting task that will come in the way is the vehicle relocation and especially to a city like Mumbai. Unlike the mission of moving your goods, car relocation is something that requires help from extremely qualified and expert movers and packers from the first to the last stage.

While preparing for your vehicle to be moved and hunting for an appropriate service provider for Car Carrier in Mumbai, there are a definite number of misconceptions that lead to perplexities while carrying out the procedure of car relocation. An individual must be alert of the fundamental facts and genuine truth regarding this aspect as to stay away from any uncomfortable circumstances in the future. Here are some ordinary rumors and misconceptions related to vehicle relocation that you should not pay heed to:

Transporting a Two-Wheeler is much Cheaper than a Car

Like many others you must have a concept that moving a two-wheeler costs much lesser than moving a car, owing to their smaller size and lesser weight and less coverage of space. If you have such a mistaken belief, you are actually on the wrong side. There are a number of significant functions which are usual to Motorbike hauling. Motorcycles are usually transported within specific shipping crates, which are created around the motorcycle while their pickup. These crates not only protect the bike from jerks and dent occurring during the move or from falling, but it also makes it easier for car carriers to pack and drop off them and to hold more than a single motorcycle at a time. And, this the time when you need packers and movers services.

The Cost of Transportation would the Same as your Friend

If you under the idea that the movers and packers in Mumbai group that has been referred to you by your friend will be charging the similar amount as he had charged from him, you are completely wrong. Even if the distance to the destination is same as your friend, there are additional features than settle on the costs drawn in. These may be your predictable time, the weight of your car and moving preferences.

Shipping to and from a Depot Increases the Chance of Transportation Delay

This is a huge myth that is very often mistaken. Depot to depot car transport should not delay the time for car delivery because it depends entirely on the customer’s availability to pick up their car. Thus, shipping to and from depot will not be the reason for any delay in transportation.

Car Transport Costs Depend Solely on the Distance

Car transport cost does not depend merely on the distance involved in the complete moving. There are a number of major factors affecting the car shipping price and definitely, distance is one of them but not the only one. The size of your vehicle, if your car is running, whether you prefer open or enclosed transport alternative, the convenience of final destination and flexibility in dates-  all of these factors contribute to the absolute cost.

Hire packers and movers in Mumbai and move your vehicle freely.