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Tips on Packing Household Goods for a Safe Move

Proper packing of your valuables and goods are required for the safe relocation. It is always recommended to hire a professional packer and mover for the relocation purpose.  

Are you getting ready to relocate and packing up your house contents yourself? That isn’t an easy task to perform. Your move can be safe, time saving and effortless only by means of proven proper packing techniques. These methods involve the use of suitable and sturdy cartons with the right quality packing materials to cushion and protect your fragile & delicate items.

Packing is one of the important jobs in relocation. It ensures the safety of goods during relocation. If you are going to shift to a new place with complete household stuff then you must pack your all the goods carefully also with good quality packing supplies. This blog will introduce you to good quality packing supplies used by packers and movers company as well as packing and moving tips that will help you to manage your move safely.

  • Wrapping Sheets -You will need verity of wrapping sheets to cover your different types of home stuff. Bubble wrappers are the most useful wrapping sheets that used for covering delicate items like china glassware, small electronics, mirror stuff and several other belongings. These sheets save stuff from being damaged due to friction and external distress.
  • Cardboard Boxes -Cardboard boxes are the most useful packing material. You will need a different size of cardboard boxes to group your variety of stuff. Always group light-weight stuffs in large boxes and heavy stuff in small boxes so that you can easily lift and move them during the move.
  • Padding Stuff -Padding material provides a soft base for the stuff placed inside the cardboard boxes. Good quality padding stuff provides shift base to the items placed in cardboard boxes, save them from external distress and also reduce friction between them. Use padding stuff in the packing of delicate items in cardboard boxes. If any empty spaces between items also fill them with a suitable amount of soft padding materials.
  • Blankets and Rubber Pads -Blankets and rubber pads are used for covering and shipping heavy and bulky furniture. First, disassemble your furniture into small parts and number each of them properly. Cover these parts with blankets and rubber pads. It will save your valuable furniture from being damaged.

After grouping your goods in numbers of boxes properly tape them with good quality heavy duty tape and dispenser. Proper taping is necessary to protect cartons from being opened. Also properly label all the boxes what item it contains so that anyone can easily get the required stuff in need without any misunderstanding. Proper packing and labeling also save your lots of time in unpacking and rearranging goods.

Well, these are some important packing tips and supplies for household goods. After shipping your goods also preserve useful supplies for future use. It will save you lots of money. If you worried about the safety of your valuable belongings then hire complete relocation services of any reputed packers and movers of your city. They will provide you completely safe and hassle-free packing and goods shipping services.

Packing is a very time-consuming process. Even though taking your time for packing properly is crucial to a successful job, more significantly what you pack into is even more important. You should use specially made packing boxes for the purpose. It will save your money in the end as your goods and belongings will be better protected from moving while in transit.  Here is why:-

These packing boxes can be bought and kept well in advance. It can be stored by opening both of the ends of the box and can be reused for packing just by opening them. Pack your valuables in a logical fashion, it means room-by-room and labels the boxes to make unpacking easier for you. While relocation, your goods can be preplanned depending on unused goods, you can plan on collecting the cartons that aren’t provided by the mover such as mattresses, wardrobe, and other cartons.

  • Use small carton boxes to pack heavy goods like books, CDs, gift items etc.
  • The medium sized boxes are ideal for packing mid-weight and mid-sized items like non-perishable food items, pots, pans, clothing, and shoes.
  • Large sized boxes are perfect for packing big items like lampshades, linen, toys, towels, beddings, paintings, wall decors etc.
  • Please don’t forget to wrap your furniture properly with the blankets or other thick covers as it will avoid scratches and other possible harm.
  • Mark ‘Fragile’ and ‘Handle with Care’ on every side of cartons/boxes, if they are filled with delicate items to help prevent rough handling while relocation.

Specially made moving supplies make the entire difference to protect your valuables and household goods. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can just go to the superstore and get those banana boxes. You will be very disappointed in the end.

If you are planning to move to some other place, you should hire packers and movers in Mumbai.They will assist you in the proper packing of your household goods. Packers and movers in Navi Mumbai also provide the proper insurance coverage to your valuables.