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Relocation in monsoon

Relocating from one city to another is in itself a great challenge as a lot of hard and tedious tasks are involved in the process.Moving home brings about a hassled wave of confusion and hustle and bustle, to be especially, if it is not done by professional packers and movers but by oneself. Moreover, the challenge becomes even more challenging when it to be carried out during monsoon season. It is quite understandable that rainyseason is not an ideal time to relocate. Rain does not compliment packing and moving.No suggestions are ever given or shared regarding movement in the rain.However, there are times when you can’t help but surrender in front of thesituation. Such is the case when you are bound to move during monsoon. Theremay be certain unavoidable reasons due to which you may be forced to shift inthe rainy season notwithstanding the complications. 

Furthermore, in monsoon season, you are at a greater riskof damaging your goods while packing or moving. The boxes or cartons are moist, chances of slipping up and down the stairs or during loading or unloading areincreased, the delivery may be late, the goods can get wet duringtransportation, and the list of problems which may arise during relocation inrainy season is endless. The disturbance caused by frequent rains isunimaginable.

Since the monsoon season is just round the corner, we havedecided to give you some tips which may help you during relocation in thistime.

·        Wash your clothes beforehand- Usually, we tend to wash and clear out the cupboards afew days before packing; however, it is advisable to wash all the dresses, covers, bedsheets, etc. beforehand so that they are completely dried of waterand moisture before packing. Of course, you cannot avoid sudden rains but ifyou wash the things and have a handful amount of time before packing, you caneven manage with uncertain rain.

·        Hire good packers and movers- Not all packers and movers assist monsoon relocation.Therefore, you should clear out whether the movers and packers you are lookingout to have the proper supply of waterproof packing and ensure safe movement ornot.

·        Insure your goods-Don’t forget to ensure your goods before handing them over to the packers andmovers. No matter how safe and secure the company claims to be, even they cannotavoid unforeseen obstructions. So, make sure you are able to recover your loss.

·        Manage your time- Ifyou have to join your office or place of study or work at a certain date, makesure that you are relocated to your new house a good one week prior to the dateof joining. This should be done to cope up with the delays and shortcomingswhich may arise due to rain

Packers and movers in Mumbai are well aware of theheavy monsoons which are welcomed every year in the city. Still you shouldcontact them and clear out every detail before moving.