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Moving to Delhi from Mumbai- Know about Octroi

You just got a job and it requires you to shift outside Delhi. This procedure needs a lot of money. And you still can’t afford to spend that much money on a packers and movers company. Because when you step into the city you will have to spend a lot of money on other things as well, like – renting a room, buying some formal clothes and other official stuff. You need to get a hold on a lot of things when you are new in the city.  You know you won’t be able to save a lot in the additional expenses but you can save a lot on the moving and packing process. Let us help to get a nice group of packers and movers in Mumbai.

Here are some tips that will lend you a hand to save in the relocation process and help you get the ideal packers and movers:

What is Octroi?

Octroi implies to the toll or taxes which are levied by the various state governments on commodities that are brought into its Municipal Corporation boundaries. These goods could possibly be for private use, for retailing or consumption. At the present time, this tax is imposing as Octroi charges in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. So let’s learn more about these taxes and help you out with your relocation process.

Where is it applicable?

A total list of goods on which Octroi charges are valid is obtainable with the Municipal Corporation of that particular state. Typically the list includes goods such as- food grains, leather and fur products, cars and other automobiles, valuable metals and stones like gold and silver, imported glassware and pottery, timber goods, silk items, disciplined animals and other items of worth.

Estimation Cost

Octroi charges can differ from one state to another state and are subject to alteration from time to time. The catalog of charges for different commodities is generally released by the Municipal Corporation whenever any changes are made. When moving from your house, you have to provide your packers and movers the entire list of goods that you are packing and their market value. This helps in the estimation of your overall Octroi charges in advance.

Significant points to keep in mind

  • Octroi charges can be depicted as a topic of uncertainty by dodgy packers and movers in India. They may attempt to trick you by quoting pointless charges in the name Octroi. Therefore it is essential that you stay well-versed about such stuff.
  • At the Octroi compilation check post, the officer offers an Octroi certificate authorizing the access of the goods. Make sure to ask for this certificate during delivery of your goods, and before making the ultimate payment as well.
  • As stated earlier, Octroi is applicable only for a few states. So make sure to confirm that the Octroi charges are applicable to your relocation or not.

Who Pays the Octroi Charges?

It is you who have to accept the octroi charges. When you arrive at the boundaries of the state, then an administrator from the region of the government will verify the goods. He or she will then provide the total amount of tax which is to be paid. The charges by packers and movers service providers generally pay the tax and you can return the money during the time of paying the ultimate bill to the moving companies. A very significant point here is not to forget and evaluate charges of movers and packers in Mumbai before entering into a contract with them.

So, if you do not have the proper knowledge about the octroi charges, then you must inquire the packers and movers companies to supply you a right estimate so that you can have a calm relocation experience.